Weekend curfew hours relaxed to 9 pm-5 am

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THE TTPS has announced that the curfew hours for weekends have been relaxed and will now be from 9 pm to 5am ­– the same hours which apply during the week.

When the Government imposed the state of emergency (SoE) on May 16, which was extended to three months, the prescribed curfew hours were 9 pm-5 am.

However, because mass congregations were noted despite the SoE and covid19 infections were still high, curfew hours were tightened for the Indian Arrival Day and Corpus Christi public holidays on May 31 and June 3, respectively, to 10 am-5 am.

This was repeated for the weekend when TT observed Labour Day and Father's Day (June 19-20).

In addition, for all weekends, Friday to Sunday, in June, the curfew hours were 7 pm to 5 am. However, in a post on its Facebook page on Thursday, the TTPS stated that the hours of curfew under the SoE will be 9 pm to 5 am every day, which one can assume means an end to the 10 am-5 am public holiday curfew and the 7 pm-5 am weekend curfew hours.


"Weekend curfew hours relaxed to 9 pm-5 am"

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