Viral dog ‘Browny’s’ identity revealed

FOR the past several days, social media have been flooded with memes of a dog nicknamed Browny, who experienced everything from break-ins to break-ups and even death.

But the Italian greyhound is actually named Lucy and she is no stranger to stardom.

Newsday spoke with her owner or "hooman" Kat M, who learnt of her dog's internet success from a friend on Wednesday.

Asked how and when she found out about Lucy trending in Trinidad and Tobago, Kat said: "Today! Someone on my TikTok commented telling me to search 'Browny' on Twitter."

Kat, who lives in New England, US, said Lucy is no stranger to the spotlight. Last year someone in Brazil reposted photos of her, sending her viral under the new identity “Clovis.”

Now she is known as "Browny."

Whether she is referred to as Lucy or Browny, Kat says the exposure has been fun.

"I didn’t expect it! I love that Lucy makes people happy. Lucy deserves all the attention. She makes me so happy and I just want her to make other people that happy too."

Kat says she is sure Browny is her Lucy, as the picture used in the memes was taken from a video she posted last year.

Lucy has her own Twitter page with the handle @Lucy/Browny and, under the handle "Browny "was trending on Twitter in TT up to 9 pm on Wednesday, amassing over 5,000 tweets.

Lucy is not an only child, and has a sister named Billie, who is also an Italian greyhound. Billie, Kat said, wants to be the centre of attention at all times.

"Lucy is four years old. She loves food and dislikes getting her nails done. She’s the sweetest and sassiest dog I have ever met. I got her my freshman year of college when she was about six months old. She is such a silly dog and so full of love."

Prior to stumbling upon "Browny" on Twitter, Kat knew very little of TT.

Asked about her knowledge of the country, she said she didn't know much, adding: "To be honest, my history and social studies classes really failed us on the world."

Her message to those using her dog as the go-to meme or sticker is simple: "Lucy/Browny loves you all!"

For videos of Lucy, you can follow Kat on Tik Tok @kxtykxt or follow Lucy/Browny on Twitter @Lucy/Browny.


"Viral dog ‘Browny’s’ identity revealed"

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