CEPEP, you can do it yourself

Minister of Rural Development Kazim Hosein -
Minister of Rural Development Kazim Hosein -

THE EDITOR: The CEPEP Company has recently invited proposals from reputable firms/consultants to create a policy document on procurement. The scope includes internal controls, contract management, organisational chart, etc.

On checking the site of the Office of Procurement Regulations (OPR), I found all the relevant instructions, forms for contractors, etc. Such a level of details. The OPR has done all the work for CEPEP.

Is there really need to pay a bunch of consultants a whole bunch of money, which nobody has? CEPEP is not a profit-making company.

There is an urgent need to curtail casual spending. CEPEP just need to follow the OPR guidelines and regulations and it will be okay. The OPR also will come in and offer free guidance if the company has questions. Its website says so. Please be guided accordingly.

Minister of Rural Development, please take note.


St Joseph


"CEPEP, you can do it yourself"

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