Commercial banks in voluntary vaccination drive


AT LEAST three commercial banks – Scotiabank, First Citizens and Republic Bank – will close earlier than normal on Thursday to allow its frontline staff members to partake in voluntary vaccination against the covid19 virus.

In the case of Scotiabank, all of its branches (except Lowlands in Tobago) will close at 12 pm on Thursday June 17. As such, the bank's hours of operation are: non mall branches 8 am-12 pm, mall branches 9 am-12 pm and in Lowlands, Tobago 9 am-3pm.

First citizens advised its customers that its hours on Thursday are mall branches 9 am-12 pm; non mall branches 8 am-12 pm and regular hours for its Tobago branches, 8 am-2 pm.

Republic Bank's hours on Thursday are non mall branches 8 am-1 pm and mall branches 10 am-2 pm.

Newsday could not reach officials from the other commercial banks to see if they too would be closing early to allow their staff members time to partake in the vaccination process. There was also no correspondence from the Bankers' Association (BATT) on whether all commercial banks were participating in the vaccination drive and thus, closing their branches earlier than normal.


"Commercial banks in voluntary vaccination drive"

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