The bickering needs to stop

THE EDITOR: I am a newspaper person, I love reading and newspapers carry information that covers a wide range of disciplines, from the very serious to sports, too numerous to mention. What I am saying is that newspapers are educators. Some things you agree with, some you don’t but they educate us.

All the same, lately what we are seeing is very disheartening but we just have to be wise and trust and discipline ourselves if we want a better tomorrow.

Everyday we read of bickering of the “higher-ups.” The columnists plead with the politicians to unite and try to “push a positive head” for the sake of the people who are suffering.

But they don’t listen, the bickering just continues. The politicians must control their utterances because all that negative energy only makes things a little more unbearable. And people need to be reassured of a better post-covid19 country.

People are without jobs and are just living on the goodwill of the more conscious in society. This pandemic needs a different approach, an approach of calmness, wisdom, humility. And most of all prayer.

Have a heart for the less fortunate among us and buckle down so that we can return to work and get our lives back to some kind of stability.

I repeat: the bickering is negative, it won’t help.


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"The bickering needs to stop"

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