Go Fund Me page created to support Olympic-bound swimmer Cherelle Thompson

Cherelle Thompson -
Cherelle Thompson -

OLYMPIC-BOUND TT swimmer Cherelle Thompson has set up a Go Fund Me page to assist with her final leg of preparations for the 2020 Tokyo Olympics.

Thompson is set to make her debut at the Olympics from July 23-August 8 in the women’s 50-metre freestyle event.

The Go Fund Me page was created by Thompson’s uncle Philip Thompson.

“My niece needs your help to fuel her final weeks of training and preparation in the US towards the 2021 Games starting July 23. She asks for your prayers, financial contribution, and your urgent posting of this message on your own networks,” the Go Fund Me page said.

In an interview with Newsday, Thompson said, “While anticipation is building there is also heightened concern and challenges financially for me as it is now six months into 2021 and I have not yet gotten any funding. I have a mounting number of outstanding invoices and my family and friends have gone above and beyond what was expected to assist me at this time for me to be able to train.”

The TT swimmer received help in the past. “I got assistance from TTOC (TT Olympic Committee) last year and from FINA (International Swimming Federation) as well, but for 2021 I have not received any funding yet.”

Thompson is hopeful she will get funding from the Sport Company of TT in the coming weeks to help with preparations.

“My living expenses, training expenses (and) to be able to take care of coaching and support services and equipment is where I am really challenged right now.”

Thompson is training in South Florida with Performance Aquatics leading up to the Olympics.

To help Thompson people can visit - http://gofund.me/ebf85b5c


"Go Fund Me page created to support Olympic-bound swimmer Cherelle Thompson"

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