‘Best Carnival’ cannot help us at this time

Attorney General Faris Al-Rawi - Vidya Thurab
Attorney General Faris Al-Rawi - Vidya Thurab

THE EDITOR: It would be remiss of me as a social commentator if I didn’t react to the AG’s promise of the best Carnival next year. It is with some level of indignation that I do so, as should the majority of civil society at a time when loads of people are dying daily and many are going hungry in the face of rampant unemployment and restricted liberties.

How ignorant and stupid can the AG think the people of TT are? Carnival is irrelevant in these times of the unknown quantity where the pandemic is concerned. When the very survival of millions are in question. The promise of the best Carnival is nothing more than a shallow ploy to keep the masses distracted from the realities. They want us to celebrate our own demise and oppression.

The Government might really feel a need to distract the people from reality, because of the bleak future that awaits us. In the face of the many negatives such as the failure of industry and commerce, rampant unemployment and the pandemic, together with some questionable government policies, Carnival cannot help us. The final nail was the killing off of our cottage industries and vending for the poor man. Even agriculture has been put in danger, with no subsidising and significant praedial larceny.

Like the bears after winter, some will come out more hungry and some will starve. Yet others will have to run to avoid being eaten by the vicious ones. There is no guarantee the greenery will be lush as there could be more hard times ahead.

As a country we need to get back to work, building our industries and our commercial sector to rebuild a respectable GDP. We also need to stop borrowing excessively and to keep the Heritage and Stabilisation Fund healthy. We might also have to cultivate different values and systems, and more checks and balances with our public spending.


San Fernando


"‘Best Carnival’ cannot help us at this time"

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