Venezuelan murder victim was 'on his way home' from Moruga

Jesus Alexander Alvarez -
Jesus Alexander Alvarez -

The Venezuelan gunned down in a forested area in Moruga has been identified as Jesus Alexander Alvarez.

The 35-year-old, also known as "El Chino," was shot in the back of the head in an ambush on Tuesday.

Alvarez was originally from Tucupita in Delta Amacuro State.

Newsday learnt that he and other Venezuelans were waiting for a boat near a beach in La Lune Village to make an illegal trip to their homeland.

While they were waiting, a group of men, believed to be villagers, attacked them and stole their belongings.

There was a struggle, and Alverez was shot. No one else was injured.

The killers ran off with the loot.

Police from Moruga and Homicide Bureau Region III visited the scene. No one has been arrested, and investigations are ongoing.

Owing to the pandemic, the borders of Trinidad and Tobago have been closed since last year to control the spread of covid19.

For the past few years, many Venezuelans have been making illegal trips to TT seeking better lives.

However, of late, many Venezuelans say they want to return home because of TT's tightened covid restrictions, which have left many people unemployed.


"Venezuelan murder victim was ‘on his way home’ from Moruga"

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