Mr PM, we are waitingto inhale

Prime Minister Dr Rowley - Jeff Mayers
Prime Minister Dr Rowley - Jeff Mayers

THE EDITOR: I am calling on the Prime Minister to change his game if he wants TT to come out of the pandemic. This is not the time to blame anyone or to cast aspersions as if he had no role in spreading it. That is now water under the bridge.

Since oxygen is most important to save a life and since it is medically imperative for the oxygen level in our bodies to be high, why don't we take full advantage of what God has given us for free and use it wisely.

There is an abundance of oxygen at the seaside in the open areas with the clean strong currents of ozone for everybody to enjoy. The rivers and the forests are another big source of pure oxygen. We learned at school that the trees give off oxygen during the day. We can breathe freely in the open areas and savannahs yet the PM has banned the population from going in these areas.

I am pleading with Dr Rowley to let us live and enjoy the wondrous creation at no cost to the Government. He can impose certain restrictions if he wants but do not take away what God has given us since birth.

If we have to die from covid19, if that is the will of God, no government, no prime minister can prevent it. Let us be real. Let us be truthful. Mr Prime Minister, be good to us, not talk down to us. No one knows when their number will be called. So be different and change your game.




"Mr PM, we are waitingto inhale"

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