Port of Spain cops caution residents, visitors after shooting

File photo by Roger Jacob
File photo by Roger Jacob

Senior police are warning people in east Port of Spain to be cautious after a shooting in the area on Tuesday morning.

Police said they were called to Oxford Street at around 11 am after residents reported two groups of men were shooting at each other.

No one was killed or wounded during the gunfight and the men dispersed in different directions shortly afterwards.

Members of the Port of Spain Task Force and Besson Street police searched for the gunmen for several hours, but were unsuccessful.

Investigators said they suspect the shooting was related to an incident in Port of Spain last week.

One officer said the police warned residents and visiting tradesmen about visiting parts of east Port of Spain and Laventille, as they anticipate more shootings.

"We were on the ground and driving through speaking with the residents and visitors in these areas to let them know to be cautious.

"Even though the residents might have the experience and know when to duck and take cover, we also spoke to people like the scrap iron vendors, who go from neighbourhood to neighbourhood selling their goods, to let them know to be cautious as well."

The officer said the police intended to increase patrols through these areas. but admitted there were challenges, noting the narrow, winding streets in some parts of east Port of Spain.

Despite this said the police would continue to monitor these areas closely to quell any more violence.


"Port of Spain cops caution residents, visitors after shooting"

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