Floods, landslips and fallen trees reported across Trinidad

Fishermen head up the Caroni River on Saturday. - SUREASH CHOLAI
Fishermen head up the Caroni River on Saturday. - SUREASH CHOLAI

The disaster management units at various regional corporations across the country were out in full force on Saturday afternoon pumping flood waters from homes and clearing debris.

Reports from the Ministry of Rural Development and Local Government stated there were fallen trees in San Juan, Arima, the Lady Young Road and Caura after prolonged showers in several parts of the country.

Heavy street and flash flooding occurred in areas such Rock Road in the vicinity of Scott’s Road and in Morne Diablo Road, Waterloo/Perseverance, Egypt, Guapo, parts of Spring Trace and parts of Cap-de-ville and Bamboo, it said.

Motorists drive along a flooded portion of the Eastern Main Road, heading into Port of Spain on Saturday. - SUREASH CHOLAI

The report also said there were no cases of injuries to people or animals but indicated that several roofs were blown off and there were minor landslips.

The Met Office on Friday issued a yellow-level adverse weather alert which it said was expected to last until Sunday.

It warned that “river levels are currently near threshold values in some parts, especially along the Caroni River basin.”

On Saturday morning the meteorological office warned public to steer clear of rivers as they were reaching overflow threshold.

The driver of this pickup passes through Bamboo Boulevard in Bamboo No 3, Valsayn on Saturday. - SUREASH CHOLAI

Met officer on duty Kiran Seedoo said the Caroni River overflow threshold was 7.67 metres and overspill onto the roadway is 8.24 metres. The high tides, he added, will hinder the outflow of water.

He added that similar situations were expected at major rivers such as South Oropouche River, Caparo River, North Oropouche River, South Oropouche River, Guapo River and others.

Reports stated that Cipero River was 65 per cent capacity, Guaracara and Vistabella Rivers were 40 per cent capacity on Saturday afternoon.

A resident climbs over a car to get to her home at Bamboo #3, Valsayn on Saturday. - SUREASH CHOLAI

Councillor for Cashew Gardens/St Mary’s Vishan Mohammed said streets within Housing Development Corporation (HDC) settlement in Cashew Gardens were impassable around midday.

He said the development usually floods because of a lack drainage and infrastructure in the housing development.

“This has been happening since 2017 because HDC has not adequately provided infrastructure to deal with situations like this. They are usually reactive rather than proactive.

A pump at Bamboo #3 spills water into the already swollen Caroni River on Saturday. - SUREASH CHOLAI

“We try at the corporation to assist but the HDC is responsible for the housing development. Luckily water did not enter into properties.”

Sunday Newsday was also told that a similar situation occurred in Bamboo #3, Valsayn. Councillor Seema Ramsaran said some homes were flooded but the damage was not as bad as before.

“The pump is working but not at full capacity. If things escalate overnight, the village would be in serious danger. The drainage superintendent said they would try to get another one (pump) but we have not received any updates.”


"Floods, landslips and fallen trees reported across Trinidad"

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