Trinidad and Tobago culture in new BOL football kits

National footballer Joevin Jones dons one of the new Trinidad and Tobago kits made by BOL.  - TTFA
National footballer Joevin Jones dons one of the new Trinidad and Tobago kits made by BOL. - TTFA

FRESH kits for the national men’s football team were unveiled on Friday as a part of the partnership between the Miami-based sports brand BOL and the Trinidad and Tobago Football Association (TTFA), which was announced earlier this year.

A media release by the TTFA on Friday said, “The apparel brand released new home and away jerseys featuring unique steel pan and tribal artwork that represents the beauty, strength and resilience that is the team’s heritage.

“Stripes of the red home jersey combine elements of football with distinctive patterns of Trinbagonian ceramics and silhouettes of the steel pan – the national instrument. The native figure portrayed on the away jersey, also wearing a steel pan earring, represents how the team unites the country and its people abroad, as a tribe.”

National footballer Matthew Woo Ling with one of the new kits designed by sports apparel company BOL. - TTFA

Tiago Pinto, co-founder of BOL, said the brand’s aim is to make the TT uniforms one of a kind.

“Our brand finds inspiration to create its products from the stories and culture of the teams that we partner with,” Pinto said.

“It is an honour to be able to translate the vibrant culture and compelling story of the national team into a jersey that represents the Trinbagonian people.”

BOL chose to introduce the new kits this week with the hope of inspiring the men’s national team ahead of crucial upcoming FIFA World Cup qualifying matches.

TT will play Bahamas on Saturday and St Kitts and Nevis on Tuesday.

The brand said it is on a mission to share the emotional journeys of men’s, women’s and youth teams.

“This is not just another red jersey,” said Robert Hadad, chairman of the FIFA-appointed normalisation committee. “BOL is the brand that has captured the need for our team to fight back.”

TT will debut the new kits against Bahamas and St Kitts and Nevis.

Game day jerseys, training kits and goalkeeper jerseys will be available for purchase on BOL’s official site. For more information, visit or follow @bolfootball on Twitter and on Instagram.


"Trinidad and Tobago culture in new BOL football kits"

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