DPP's office: Charge suspect with murder of Torrance Mohammed

Torrance Mohammed. Photo by Yvonne Webb
Torrance Mohammed. Photo by Yvonne Webb

Deputy Director of Public Prosecutions Joan Honore-Paul advised Mon Repos police on Thursday to lay a murder charge against the suspect held in connection with the death of cultural icon Torrance Mohammed.

Acting Sgt Maharaj of the Mon Repos Police Station is the complainant.

The 32-year-old man is from Navet Road, San Fernando, close to where Mohammed, 90, was robbed and pushed to the ground while waiting to deliver pommeracs to a friend outside her home at Torrance Street, Mon Repos on May 25.

He died at the San Fernando General Hospital.

Mohammed's funeral is scheduled for 10 am on Friday at Belgrove's Funeral Home and Crematorium in San Fernando. Owing to covid19 restrictions, the service is being streamed live. A Zoom link has been posted on his Facebook page for friends and well-wishers to join to pay tribute.

Mohammed’s death left the culture fraternity and insurance company where he worked for six decades, in mourning.

Walid Baksh, member of the San Fernando Arts Council of which Mohammed was a founding member, said Mohammed was born of indentured immigrants who came from Bengal, India and settled at Iere Village, Princes Town.

Baksh said Mohammed's academic upbringing was as varied as his work experience, both of which instilled in him admirable social, moral and cultural qualities which prepared him for the iconic role he was to play in society.

He said his successes and fame in the insurance industry was matched by his unwavering flair for and expertise in the arts, with his area of specialty being dance.

“His expertise as both actor and dancer landed him performance opportunities at auspicious occasions such as the inauguration of the Federal Parliament in 1958, and the formal openings of Hilton Hotel and Queen’s Hall.

“He had the distinct privilege of performing for dignitaries such as Emperor Haile Selassie, Indian prime minister Indira Gandhi, Canadian prime minister Roland Michener, world renowned African singer Miriam Makeba, among others.

“He was regarded as a virtual walking encyclopedia on local dance and folklore, and was frequently called upon to advise on, conduct workshops in, direct and produce cultural presentations at a national level, among them being Dimanche Gras.

“His credits for choreography include work with the late James Lee Wah on productions such as Sleepy Valley, New Dancers in the Door Yard, and Man Better Man.


"DPP’s office: Charge suspect with murder of Torrance Mohammed"

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