AG awaits info on Pfizer vaccines in Trinidad and Tobago

Faris Al-Rawi -
Faris Al-Rawi -

ATTORNEY General Faris Al-Rawi said he is yet to receive any information on the illegal entry of Pfizer vaccines being brought privately into the country.

At Wednesday’s Ministry of Health's virtual covid19 briefing, Chief Medical Officer (CMO) Dr Roshan Parasram said if Pfizer vaccines were indeed brought into the country via a private route, it would have been done illegally.

He said the Office of the Attorney General would be tasked with handling this matter.

Parasram was responding to a claim by Fyzabad chamber head Clint Arjoon that the Pfizer vaccine, which has World Health Organisation (WHO) approval but is yet to be checked by the TT Medical Board before it can be imported, was indeed secured and imported by a private company.

Arjoon was a guest on the TV6 Morning Edition programme on Wednesday.

Parasram said he had confirmation from the head of the Food and Drug Division that no request had been made for the importation and therefore no approval had been given.

He said if it was done, “It has not been imported through government legal channels.”

He called on anyone with information to share it with his ministry and that of the AG’s office.

In a telephone interview, Al-Rawi said on Thursday, “Nothing has been passed to me yet in terms of advice.

“I want to be extremely careful that all facts as reported are carefully investigated, because in today’s world of fake news or angles, we have to be very careful not to run away with conclusions that are premature.

“Suffice it to say, I have not received any communication on the issue yet. Obviously, if I am called to advise on the issue I will.”

He cautioned, “There are many slips between cup and lip and in today’s world, where fake news can find a perceived reality very quickly, you need to be extremely careful that we look at the facts and verify information before advice on conjecture becomes the norm.”

Arjoon said he has since shared with the CMO the name of the company which he was told had imported the Pfizer vaccine. He said he would not make the name of the company public.


"AG awaits info on Pfizer vaccines in Trinidad and Tobago"

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