Chief Secretary: Once you have a job, help less fortunate

Chief Secretary Ancil Dennis  -
Chief Secretary Ancil Dennis -

Tobagonians are being urged to help their fellow citizens who may have lost jobs owing to the covid19 health restrictions and state of emergency.

In making the appeal on Wednesday at the post-executive council news conference, THA Chief Secretary Ancil Dennis said: “All of us must be in a position to be charitable and to respond to the needs of our fellow brothers and sisters during this period of time.”

He was responding to a question about Progressive Democratic Patriots political leader Watson Duke’s appeal for people earning more than $20,000 a month to donate half their salary to assist those in need during the lockdown.

“Normally, Watson Duke is not a good example to follow. But in this case, I would encourage every single individual, not only leaders, but every individual that has a job now.”

Dennis reminded reporters he made a similar call when he assumed the position of chief secretary in May 2020 during the first lockdown.

“I said to the people of Tobago that me and my colleagues, all of us, are committed to giving at least ten per cent of our salaries.

“Then I issued the call to citizens, Tobagonians generally, to give ten per cent or more, whatever you can afford, to supporting persons going through a difficult time as a result of this pandemic.

“It is not a new call. It is something that I would have said. I have heard other leaders say it as well, encouraging persons to really support.”

Dennis said the entire country is battling the pandemic and citizens must look out for one another.

“It is the only way for us to navigate this difficult period.”


"Chief Secretary: Once you have a job, help less fortunate"

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