Senior police: Many curfew breaches in Tobago

An aerial view of the Scarborough Esplanade at Milford Road, Scarborough, Tobago.
An aerial view of the Scarborough Esplanade at Milford Road, Scarborough, Tobago.

Tobago has one of the highest incidence of people being charged for breach of curfew.

This was revealed by head of the Tobago Division, ACP William Nurse, during a news conference in Scarborough on Tuesday.

“Tobago remains one of the divisions that has the highest incidence of persons being charged for breach of curfew. I will say no more than that,” he told reporters.

The police Tobago media ambassador acting Insp Alicia Piggott said 33 people have been charged for breach of curfew since the start of the state of emergency (SoE) on May 15.

She said 24 people have been charged with consuming alcohol in a public place and four for gathering in a public place not for an essential purpose.

Three people were held for being on a beach in Speyside.

Piggott observed that several business places throughout Tobago were open during the 5 am-10 am curfew hours on Monday, the Indian Arrival Day holiday.

She said only gas stations with Quik shoppes and pharmacies should have open.

“But supermarkets, parlours, vegetable stalls cannot be opened.”

She said supermarkets and parlours also will not be allowed to open during the Corpus Christi observance on Thursday.

Piggott also revealed that some people have been breaking curfew, saying they are going to the hospital.

“Persons are using excuses to leave home,” she said.

Piggott said covid19 thrives in gatherings.

“The reason why the curfew is in effect is because we do not want this gathering.”

Nurse said his officers will adopt a zero-tolerance approach to people who breach the regulations.

“If you said you are going to the hospital, that does not necessarily mean you may not be prosecuted. That may be your defence when you get to court. That may be your alibi.

“But we have developed a zero-tolerance approach, and we will keep that until things normalise.”

Senior Supt Anand Ramesar urged Tobagonians to adhere to the covid19 health guidelines and SoE regulations.


"Senior police: Many curfew breaches in Tobago"

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