Chief Secretary on Indian Arrival Day: Survival is in our blood

Chief Secretary Ancil Dennis  -
Chief Secretary Ancil Dennis -

THA Chief Secretary Ancil Dennis has urged Tobagonians to reflect on the resilience of East Indians as the country navigates the covid19 pandemic.

In his message to commemorate Indian Arrival Day, which is being observed on Monday, Dennis said the occasion serves as a timely reminder never to give up.

Dennis said, “Some of us, descendants of East Indians who journeyed for months aboard the Fatel Razack, across the tempestuous seas, heirs of a legacy of determination and endurance by a people who were not broken by their harsh conditions and realities – let us remember that we have inherited that same iron will and nerve of steel, as we deal with this current pandemic.

“Survival courses through our blood and we will surmount the challenge that confronts us.”

Dennis said although the country is unable to celebrate Indian Arrival Day in its usual fashion, citizens must still acknowledge the contributions of East Indians.

“From education to entrepreneurship and other spheres, you continue to enrich and build this beloved nation.”

Dennis said in order to overcome covid19, citizens must be united and disciplined.

But he observed the pandemic has engendered widespread fatigue among the population.

“This fatigue is often compounded by fear for many of our citizens, some of whose worlds have changed forever.”

In this regard, Dennis said the THA will continue to support the social and economic needs of those in need.

The THA has agreed to spend some $25 million in relief support to vulnerable citizens.

He said observances such as Indian Arrival Day hold even more importance during crises such as covid19.

“While celebrating historic days has always been a source of pride for us; the value of these days has become even more significant during this crisis.”

Dennis said occasions such as Indian Arrival Day go beyond the country’s history.

“They also remind us of the incredible strength and power that we possess as a people.

“These days offer us remarkable insight about who we are, which is especially important in our most vulnerable moments.”


"Chief Secretary on Indian Arrival Day: Survival is in our blood"

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