Tobago business on pause

Carrington Street, Scarborough, is almost deserted. - David Reid
Carrington Street, Scarborough, is almost deserted. - David Reid

Covid19 regulations are in place until July 4, the state of emergency has been extended for three months and just as in Trinidad, business in Tobago are feeling the pressure. Here are some images captured by David Reid of Tobago during a covid19 SoE.

Two men chat in front of the closed craft booths at Store Bay. - David Reid

A police car drives by the popular liming spot, Jade Monkey in Crown Point. Like many other businesses, it must remain closed until further notice. - David Reid

No food to be had from Skewers in Crown Point. - David Reid

Closed stores at TLH building, Scarborough. - David Reid

No customers at D Colloseum Mall, Crown Point. - David Reid

Stumpy's Emporium in Canaan is one of the few businesses open under the existing covid19 restrictions. - David Reid

No customers, just some men standing and sitting outside Celebrity Styles in Scarborough. - DAVID REID

Almost all the businesses within the Scarborough Esplanade are closed owing to covid19 restrictions. - David Reid


"Tobago business on pause"

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