SORT officer found dead should have been in quarantine

File photo: SORT head Supt Roger Alexander. Photo by Ayanna Kinsale
File photo: SORT head Supt Roger Alexander. Photo by Ayanna Kinsale

Sgt Lyndon Jacob of the Special Operations Response Team (SORT), who was found dead near his Mayo garden on Wednesday morning, was supposed to be in quarantine.

SORT head Supt Roger Alexander revealed this during TV6’s Beyond the Tape programme on Wednesday evening.

Jacob was found in the road at Hillview Heights, Sankarlal Drive, Whiteland.

A nearby resident told Newsday Jacob’s wife had been outside screaming and crying for help.

The resident said she sent her son to see what was happening.

“When we find him (Jacob), he was clean like a whistle. No injuries or anything. We try to revive him but...” she said.

Gasparillo police said Jacob was taken to San Fernando General Hospital, where he was pronounced dead.

Police also said they were told Jacob was initially found in his car and was only put in the road by people trying to resuscitate him.

He was from Tabaquite.

Alexander said on TV on Wednesday that he had “lost a co-worker today.

“The police service has lost a son…In the ranks the sergeants, they have lost one of their own…

"At the home front, a lady has lost her husband. Step a little bit to the right, a son has lost his father. And step back a little to the right, a baby has lost his father.

“Today, Sgt Lyndon Jacob died. At this time he was on quarantine.

"This morning, he complained about feeling unwell and he stepped some distance away from his home, where he was later found by passers-by, unresponsive.”

He said Jacob was noble, patient and professional, and reminded the public of the risks police officers take in serving the country.

“We don’t know if you coughing, recovering (from covid19), dying…but (in) a call to service, we don’t see these things.”


"SORT officer found dead should have been in quarantine"

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