Sinopharm jabs but few hiccups in Tobago

Donald Miggins shows his arm after receiving his covid19 vaccine shot at Canaan Health Centre on Monday. PHOTO BY DAVID REID  -
Donald Miggins shows his arm after receiving his covid19 vaccine shot at Canaan Health Centre on Monday. PHOTO BY DAVID REID -

The covid19 vaccination drive has been going relatively smoothly so far at three health centres around the island.

The rollout of the WHO-approved Sinopharm vaccines began on Friday, after Tobago received 1,500 doses of the promised 100,000 doses donated to TT by the Chinese government.

At the Canaan Health Centre on Tuesday, a man who asked not to be named said: “Initially, I had to wait long before my name was called to go inside, but when I went inside everything flowed. The process inside took about five minutes, but I had to wait an extra 30 minutes for observation.”

He commended the appointment system.

“One week I was booking and by the next week I received my appointment. One day prior to the appointment, they called to confirm that I was coming – very smooth process, I must say.”

Electoral representative for Bethel/Mt Irvine Terance Baynes, who also received his first jab on Tuesday, said he was motivated to take the vaccine as it was the right thing to do.

“I have been listening to the health professionals,” he said.

He said the process went "pretty normal” and very professional.

“The staff seemed to have followed all the protocols.”

He urged eligible people to register for the jabs and ignore false information propagated on social media.

“Vaccines have been with us for as far back as we can remember. The average human...would have taken some kind of vaccine, and we must not allow negative information that has been put out there – all the conspiracy theories....

"While it is important for people to be informed about stuff, on the other hand – when it comes to health, when it comes to dealing with this pandemic, we have to take advice from the health professionals rather than our Facebook friends.

"So I want to advise the general public to please go and take the vaccine.”

A woman told Newsday she received an appointment and was satisfied with the prompt response by phone.

“I really can’t complain. Everything for me went smoothly – the longest part of the procedure was to wait for the half-hour or so (for observation).”

At the Bacolet Health Centre, one woman who did not have an appointment argued that the system could be challenging for senior citizens.

“I have applied, and up to now I have not received any calls or texts," she said.

“(So) I decided to show up here and yet I am getting a lot of attitude. They saying I am not supposed to be here, they’re saying that I cannot have a vaccine without an appointment.

"I am fed up of trying, I feel like I am been ignored.

"All I need is a vaccine. This thing is serious – especially for those like me with comorbidities.”


"Sinopharm jabs but few hiccups in Tobago"

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