Maraval man pleads guilty to indecent assault, arson

A MARAVAL man pleaded guilty on Wednesday to nine counts of indecent assault, one count of arson and one count of common assault.

Ainsley Letren, of Paramin Hill, appeared before Justice Hayden St Clair-Douglas at a virtual trial, where he pleaded guilty to crimes committed back in 2012.

He was charged with a series of indecent-assault charges arising out of an incident involving a 14-year-old between August and November 2012, which took the form of inappropriate touching of the girl’s breasts.

The arson and common assault charges arise from an incident, also in November 2012, in which he poured gasoline on a mother and her three children and set a house on fire.

The family escaped the blaze but the house was destroyed.

After taking the facts from the prosecution, which had been agreed to by the State, Letren was allowed to enter his guilty plea.

The judge has not yet set a date for sentencing. When the matter comes up again on June 8, he will hear submissions by both the prosecution and defence on the issue of sentencing, particularly as it relates to new amendments to the Sexual Offences Act which provide for registration of a sex offender.

Letren was represented by public defender Tonya Thomas. Indira Chinebas appeared for the State.


"Maraval man pleads guilty to indecent assault, arson"

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