Lotto booths shutdown inconvenient

 - Marvin Hamilton
- Marvin Hamilton

THE EDITOR: As you are aware, the NLCB games were shut down recently. And while I can understand the rational of the Government’s action, I humbly submit the following points.

As a result of the shutdown, the public is unable to pay utility and other bills conveniently as well as to purchase phone cards and specific data plans, many of which are used by schoolchildren for remote learning classes.

This is a massive inconvenience and has a debilitating effect on education for students at all levels.

By limiting the majority of citizens the ability to purchase phone cards, it is now harder to communicate with friends and loved ones to check on their welfare in this curfew environment.

Additionally, this NLCB shutdown takes away the last chance a poor unemployed person has to play “a lil mark” and possibly win a couple hundred dollars. This is more gutting than some may think for this little “windfall” can mean the difference between eating and not.

I plead with the powers that be to please consider the reopening of these Lotto booths (respecting all health guidelines, of course) for the greater benefit of citizens.


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"Lotto booths shutdown inconvenient"

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