Cashier, 19, charged with card-skimming

A 19-year-old Couva cashier was granted $100,000 bail by a justice of the peace on a charge related to unlawfully skimming electronic account information from bank and credit cards.

They belonged to several customers who visited a Unipet gas station in Couva.

Jade John, of Roystonia, was arrested by the Fraud Squad on Monday and charged the next day by WPC Natalie Christopher with unlawful possession of card-making equipment.

She appeared before JP Stephen Young and was granted station bail with a surety. She will appear before a magistrate on July 5.

Police said Fraud Squad detectives went to the gas station and allegedly found a small handheld magnetic card stripe reader, capable of reading and storing information embedded on automated banking machine cards and credit cards.

They also retrieved video footage from the gas station.


"Cashier, 19, charged with card-skimming"

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