Rio Claro family offers $25,000 reward for info after man killed over dog

KILLED: Ryan Singh. -
KILLED: Ryan Singh. -

The Singh family of Libertville Village in Rio Claro has offered a $25,000 reward for information that could lead to the arrests of the men who chopped and killed a relative on Friday during a fight over a dog.

The deceased is Ryan Singh. who would have turned 21 on July 3. The construction worker was killed near Bucket Corner, a short distance from his home.

“They (killers) chopped him up as if they were chopping a chicken.

"He was a peacemaker. He was the baby in the family, the last of six (adult) children,” his sister Christine, 24, told Newsday by phone on Sunday.

"They chopped him on his knees, so he was not able to run."

She said the incident happened around 2.30 pm on Friday, when Singh intervened in a fight between two women over a pit bull.

But a group of men attacked him, then left. Singh was taken to the Sangre Grande hospital and died a few hours later.

“We need justice for this. Ryan said he was making a spin (going out). I went to sleep not expecting that to happen. When people woke me up saying people chopped him, I did not expect it to be so serious,” Christine said between sobs.

Police later detained a woman, 36, and investigators are searching for four men linked to the murder.

Police from Rio Claro and Homicide Bureau Region II are investigating.

One of Singh’s brothers has been detained by police for allegedly breaching the curfew, which runs from 9 pm-5 am.

Christine said he got the tragic news at a friend's home in Princes Town shortly before 9 pm.

“He was on his way home with a friend when Tableland police locked him up,” Christine told Newsday.

“We got the (death) news around 6 pm. When we called to give him the news, he was sleeping. No one wanted to tell him because he is the ignorant one. He woke up shortly before 9 pm. There are so many things going on with this family right now.”


"Rio Claro family offers $25,000 reward for info after man killed over dog"

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