Energy sector grateful for covid19 vaccines

The head offfice of bpTT at Queen's Park Savannah, Port of Spain. Photo by Angelo Marcelle
The head offfice of bpTT at Queen's Park Savannah, Port of Spain. Photo by Angelo Marcelle

THE energy sector is hopeful that the covid19 vaccines offered to them by the government will be another step to curb the spread of the virus.

In a media statement on Friday, the Energy Chamber said vaccinations played a critical role in preventing the spread of covid19 and preventing people becoming ill or dying from the disease.

“The energy chamber is thankful that our member operator companies have been allocated vaccines, in keeping with the established priority listing of sectors from the Ministry of Health.

“Our members have developed the procedures needed to safely deliver vaccinations to key front-line energy sector workers without putting any addition strain on the public health system.

It said priority will be restricted to both employees and contractors who have the frontline jobs operating the facilities safely.

On Saturday, bpTT said it was also appreciative of government’s decision to allocate vaccines for its frontline workers.

In a media statement the company noted a vital role of the energy sector to TT, in providing energy for power to keep lights on and gas for industries vital to the economy.

It said, “Vaccination is an important step in combating the spread of the virus and this will help to protect those who are working to keep production flowing, particularly where workers are working and living in close quarters for work.

“These vaccines will provide added protection for our workers and along with continued compliance with all covid19 protocols, we hope this will stem the spread of the virus.”

It added that priority remained to protecting the health and safety of everyone who work operating sites.

On Friday, a virtual emergency meeting was held between Energy Minister Stuart Young and stakeholders to discuss the allocation of 4,000 covid19 vaccine to the sector’s frontline workers.

Among those present at the meeting were executives from BHP, Shell, BP, EOG Resources Trinidad and Tobago, DeNovo Energy Ltd, Trinidad Petroleum Holdings Ltd, National Gas Company Ltd, the Energy Chamber and the Pt Lisas Industrial Estate Association.

The brand of the vaccine that would be donated was not mentioned but currently TT uses the Oxford AstraZeneca and Sinopharm.


"Energy sector grateful for covid19 vaccines"

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