Fusion Adventures distances itself from Lopinot hike

Still from video circulating on social media of hikers' cars parked in Lopinot.
Still from video circulating on social media of hikers' cars parked in Lopinot.

FUSION Adventure Races says it was not responsible for the hike last week, nor was it affiliated with the event in Lopinot.

On Friday, Police Commissioner Gary Griffith commented on the hiking event, which resulted in about 60 hikers converging in public in Lopinot on Thursday.

Griffith said it may be necessary to consider whether charges should be brought against Fusion Adventure for aiding, abetting, counselling or procuring a breach of the public health regulations.

However, Fusion Adventure Races, in a statement to members on Saturday, said the hiking event was organised by another group with a similar name. It distanced itself from the event and the other group.

“Fusion Adventures is a competitive racing organisation that has hosted a number of internationally renowned competitive team and individual racing events.

“Fusion Adventures has not hosted a live event since the outbreak of the covid19 pandemic in 2020. The last live event was held in April 2019.”

It said with the easing of the regulations last year, allowing individual exercise, Team Fusion launched the Fusion Adventures 7 Series in November, which has been an ongoing virtual event for the past six months.

The virtual race format allowed individuals to complete a predetermined course any day and any time during a specific month and they could post their individual times by means of an app, which would be compiled on a virtual competitors' board at the end of the month.

“As such the virtual race is not an event for a specific day and has not and does not promote any assembly in contravention of established protocols.”

It said for May, a 12-kilometre course was prepared in Lopinot and people had to complete it during this timeframe.

“To further ensure adherence to the guidelines of the Ministry of Health, the period for completion of the course was extended to six weeks. Meaning that persons could go any day and any time during a six-week period to complete the course. We categorically deny that a race event or a hike was hosted or carded for the 13th May, 2021 by Fusion Adventures.”

It said its app data showed that on May 13, there were 25 people individually, at various times, attempting the course in Lopinot.

“Individuals started the course at different times and it is evident from the completion times that they did not complete together in groups.”

The statement said the leader of the hiking group interviewed by the police in Lopinot was not affiliated with Fusion Adventures or the Fusion Adventures Virtual Racing Series.

It also said its Fusion Virtual Racing Series had been postponed indefinitely.

“This action is to further avoid the misconception and misinformation that Fusion Adventures was associated with any event in breach of the public health regulations held by other similarly named organisations. Fusion Adventures has always actively supported the directives of the Government of Trinidad and Tobago and will continue to do this.”


"Fusion Adventures distances itself from Lopinot hike"

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