Eid funeral for imam killed by covid19

Imam Nazrudeen Mohammed who died from covid19.  -
Imam Nazrudeen Mohammed who died from covid19. -

Instead of sharing the joy of Eid ul Fitr, family and friends of Imam Nazrudeen Mohammed spent a portion of their public holiday on Thursday viewing the funeral streamed virtually of the imam, who died from covid19.

Mohammed, 70, the imam of the Tableland Anjuman Sunnat-ul-Jamaat Association (ASJA) jamaat, died on Wednesday – the last day of the holy month of Ramadan.

He died at the Augustus Long Hospital at Pointe-a-Pierre, a day after being admitted. A covid test last Friday at the Lengua health centre showed he had the virus. Newsday learnt that he had diabetes and had undergone several bypass surgeries.

Imam Raffaic Mohamed, PRO of ASJA, the largest Muslim organisation in TT, told Newsday that the funeral would take place at a funeral home followed by burial. Owing to covid19 regulations and the cause of death, only five people can attend the funeral.

Mohamed expressed condolences to the family. He said, "Whenever Eid comes, the family would forever remember that he was buried on Eid. Allah knows best, and we pray that he gets a place in heaven. May Allah grant him Jannah (paradise)."

Several people have been sending condolences to the bereaved family on social media. One said, "May Allah pardon him for his shortcomings and make it easy upon everyone his family members, and may Allah grant you the highest of jannahs!"

"Some people go to the mosque on Eid to see their imams. Today we bury you on the day of Eid." Another said, "What a kind, genuine loving, and caring person he was."


"Eid funeral for imam killed by covid19"

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