Preparations for hurricane

THE EDITOR: We need to make preparations for the coming hurricane season. Here are some guidelines:

* Make an emergency plan.

* Know your evacuation route.

* Find a trusted radio news station.

* Locate and store important documents.

* Create a home inventory.

* Build an emergency kit.

* Protect your pets.

* Gather supplies.

* Clean your gutters.

* Protect windows and doors from broken glass.

* Full up your vehicle tank.

* Charge your cellphones, tablets.

* Store outdoor items that can be carried away by high wind.

* Assist your elderly, disabled neighbours.

* Fill sinks, tubs with water to flush toilets or wash clothes.

* Move your valuables and furniture to the highest point in the home to prevent water damage.

* Inform friends and family of your plans.

* Evacuate if so directed.

* Stay indoors.

* Avoid flood waters.

* Unplug appliances.

* Turn off utilities.

* Stay alert.

* Do not return until it is safe.

Despair is the offspring of ill-preparedness. Preparedness is a way of life.

My safety, your safety is our responsibility, TT.


Princes Town


"Preparations for hurricane"

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