Missing man found dead near Palo Seco school

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A man who allegedly confessed to stabbing a missing 29-year-old Erin man is expected to be charged with murder.

On Thursday evening, the suspect led South Western Division Task Force and Homicide Bureau Region III police to a forested area near the Palo Seco Secondary School.

There they found the charred remains of a man, believed to be those of Jeromy "Redfish" Rampersad of Partap Trace in Arena Village.

It is said Rampersad made degrading comments about the suspect’s mother during an argument.

The suspect claimed he ran off after the stabbing and that was the last time he saw Rampersad alive. He said he returned but did not see or hear from Rampersad.

On Friday, legal officer Kyrn Lewis of the Homicide Bureau submitted a file to the Office of the Director of Public Prosecutions for instructions. Acting DPP Joan Honore-Paul later instructed police to charge the suspect with murder.

Insp Maharaj supervised the investigations while PC Ali was expected to lay the charge.

Newsday learnt that the accused is also a suspect in a rape that happened in Woodland. He is expected to be put on an identification parade in the Southern Division.

Police had been calling on the public to help them find Rampersad.

The father of two was last seen on April 23. He left home at about 7.30 pm, telling relatives he was going to meet a friend. A relative later saw Rampersad get into a car at School Road in Palo Seco.

All subsequent calls to his phone went unanswered.

Two days later, his common-law wife and other relatives reported him missing to Santa Flora police.


"Missing man found dead near Palo Seco school"

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