Some people bent on tying Govt's hands

Photo courtesy Pixabay
Photo courtesy Pixabay

THE EDITOR: The response from a small cadre of my fellow citizens to the efforts of the Government in combating the deadly covid19 virus leaves me to question their loyalty to TT.

It is my understanding that in a time of war patriotic citizens band together to defend sovereignty. They put aside political nitpicking in defence of the country. Others have said it and I truly believe that we are in a war fighting against an invisible enemy.

If we do not win this war against this wily virus we will never be able to enjoy anything. Of what use then will be fundamental rights, or full employment, or economic prosperity, or education. All we are getting now from some quarters is the Government can’t do this or that.

There seems to be a small section of the population bent on tying the hands of the Government to prevent action that could mitigate this pending disaster. The Government is doing its part effectively – it needs support, not unconstructive criticism at this time.

I believe that the population has a major role to play in “flattening the curve” but there is too much indiscipline. The science tells us the virus thrives when people congregate, yet people ignore this and congregate. They wear masks incorrectly, they fail to wash hands and sanitise when entering a business place or leaving it. We invite the virus to remain among us by our reckless attitude.

I am saddened when leaders in the community fail to call out the erring ones and instead try to shield them from blame. No one benefits from this pandering.

I can’t understand the rationale of some learned people who believe that the protection of rights is more important than efforts to protect us from this deadly virus. Yes, we can be dead right as heroes of fundamental rights lying in coffins. Do we understand the stupidity?

Please, people, forget the political nitpicking and do what we are told is necessary to combat this invisible enemy.


former MP


"Some people bent on tying Govt’s hands"

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