Mt St George man gunned down in Tobago's 3rd murder this year

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Tobago homicide detectives are investigating the shooting death of a Mt St George man early on Tuesday.

Police said around 12.40 am, Kamyeon Murray, 37, a mason of #1, Village Street was playing a game of cards with other men at Back Street, Mt St George, when a wagon pulled up alongside them.

An occupant with a gun came out of the wagon and started shooting at the men.

The assailant then got back into the wagon and the driver sped off.

Murray, who was shot in the neck, died on the spot. He is Tobago’s third murder victim for 2021.

Police have since recovered ten spent shells at the scene.

When Newsday visited the area, residents were tight-lipped about Murray’s death.

However, an elderly resident, who did not want to be named, complained that within recent years, crime had become a feature of the large, hilly community.

“Mt St George never change. The place is still a nice place. But some of the people are importing bad behaviour,” he complained.

He believes people involved in nefarious activities were influencing some of the youths in the village.

The man said some of the young men in particular had too much spare time.

“Back in my day, when someone could not make with the academics, they used to do a trade. Long-time parents used to be on their children to learn a trade and it taught them discipline.

“But now, when a fella leave elementary school here, if he didn’t get into high school, what happen? He just home on the block and is easily influenced.”

He also claimed since the Government established make-work programmes such as the Unemployment Relief Programme, many youths were no longer interested in learning a trade.

A female resident supported this view but added the Government must pass laws to make parents more accountable for their children.

“There is no discipline now and it starts in the home. So, the Government has to put strict rules on parents.”

The woman, who said Mt St George never had shooting incidents in the past, complained Murray and the other men should not have been gambling.

“The Prime Minister locked down the country. So, he should have been sleeping in his bed.”


"Mt St George man gunned down in Tobago’s 3rd murder this year"

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