The world post-covid19

Steve Alvarez -
Steve Alvarez -


I AM NO prophet but my prediction on many things in the past have been on point. As we are deep into the clutches of the covid19 pandemic, many are wondering what is in store for mankind? What would a post-covid19 world be like? The following are my predictions.

We are now experiencing the crescendo of the covid19 pandemic. Worldwide, it is going to get worse, much worse, before an almost abrupt end. The world however would be changed forever, and things will not return to how they were before. There is good and bad news.

Commercial spaces will never return to pre-pandemic activities. The ability to operate from remote locations will mean that only those who need to congregate in offices will be required to do so. Consequently, the population in major cities will slowly decrease. The good news in this regard is that there will be a return to suburban and rural living. House prices in these neighbourhoods will increase as demand grows but rental in the cities will become more affordable.

In the immediate future as borders open, tourism will increase to levels way above that previously experienced. Air travel, hotels, resorts and international places of interest will be overwhelmed with increased activity. This increase in activity will be short-lived as within a few years travel will return to normal levels.

Food production, construction, electronic manufacturing for large items will increase. Small electronics like cell phones, televisions and electronic games will see a decline in demand. Oil and gas will see a surge in demand as travel takes off but the demand for them will slowly decline to below pre-covid19 levels. Eventually the only major fuels that would be manufactured in very large quantities would be diesel for trucks and boats and jet fuel for airplanes. This changeover will be gradual, taking over two decades to arrive at the almost total transformation to electric-driven automobiles.

For TT, it is imperative that the nation prepares to meet the demands of a changed world. The next big demand internationally will be for better, smaller, more reliable batteries. The nation that invests in that engineering will lead the way. The battery as exists will change to provide higher voltage and much lower amperage. That technology exists in animals as our nervous system, brain and heart especially survive on tremendous amounts of sustainable electricity that is extremely powerful. The computing ability of our brain and the ability to generate energy to allow animals to pull large loads are all possible due to technology beyond our current understanding.

Research into new sustainable sources of energy and the ability to manufacture modern powerful sources of electric energy will determine who is the next economic superpower. The TT human is no less intelligent or gifted than mankind worldwide. Our young people must lead the way in new technology and methodologies appropriate for international development.

Our grasslands must be transformed into acres of corn, rice, sugarcane and exotic fruits and vegetables. The next time the world slows down or shuts its borders, nations that have the ability to feed their populations will be better positioned for survival. The covid19 pandemic should teach all mankind that the world as we know it can change overnight.

Will TT be ready for the surge in tourism? Is our infrastructure developed to international levels to become competitive? Are we educating our youths to meet the demands of a developing world? Are we using our limited foreign exchange to invest in ventures for economic growth or debt repayment for basic consumables?

The challenges going forward are real and regardless of whether we realise it or not, they will not go away. These challenges facing the world are not concerned with our race, religion or political persuasion. The laws of nature and the events of the world will continue along their paths unabated and those prepared to meet the challenges are the ones that will have better tomorrows.

We are uniquely poised to take advantage of a changing world. With productive lands, beautiful natural resorts, a literate population and reliable sources of limited energy, it is how we take advantage of these possessions and talents that will ultimately determine the TT of tomorrow.

I shudder to think that our nation will continue along a path of division. There is no sense for a people to believe that their racial composition, something they had absolutely no input into, makes it impossible to unite to create a better nation, a better community and a better life for generations to come. Rather, I envisage that we will emerge from this pandemic determined to unite and build a better TT.


"The world post-covid19"

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