5 more deaths, 158 new covid19 cases reported

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Five more covid19 deaths have been recorded, bringing the total to 179.

Three were elderly men with comorbidities, one was a middle-aged man with no comorbidities, and the Health Ministry was awaiting information on the fifth.

In its covid19 update on Monday, the ministry said 158 new cases had been reported from samples taken between April 30 and May 2.

The total number of active cases stood at 2,559.

Since March 2020, there have been 11,471 cases. Of these 8,733 have recovered.

There are now 240 people in hospital, including 114 at the Couva Hospital and Multi-Training Facility, with five in the intensive-care unit and 14 in the high dependency unit.

There are 47 people at the Caura Hospital, 32 at the Augustus Long Hospital, 21 at the Arima General Hospital, 25 at the Scarborough Regional Hospital, Fort King George, and one at the Scarborough General Hospital, Signal Hill.

There have been 90 recovered community cases, and ten people have been discharged from public health facilities.

There are 238 people in state quarantine facilities and 2,132 people in home self-isolation. Of 29 people in step-down facilities, 15 are at UWI, Debe and 14 are in Tobago.

The total number of vaccinations is 44,810, while Sunday’s figure was 42,455. The number of people tested was 136,357, of whom 64,320 were tested at private facilities.


"5 more deaths, 158 new covid19 cases reported"

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