New ways to show Mom you love her

Indulge mom's sweet tooth with a gift of local chocolate.  Photo by Sureash Cholai
Indulge mom's sweet tooth with a gift of local chocolate. Photo by Sureash Cholai

It’s been a challenging year for all. And mothers, in general, donned new hats this year to help us all survive and thrive in this pandemic. From the WhatsApp news sharer to the online researcher or the stay at home mom who also became your teacher, nurse, chef and more, moms are one of the reasons we were able to stay safe, healthy and happy in these times. So we’ve put together a listing of some ideas, old and new, local and online, to help you celebrate a special Mother’s Day this year!

Hello from Kees

You can visit CAMEO on Facebook or to find soca artiste Kees Dieffenthaller who’s willing to shoot a personalised message for your mom (or you, if you’re a mom!). It may be a little strange to see celebrities sending highly personal messages to essential strangers, but it’s also a lot of fun! Kees has gotten a bunch of five star reviews, and you will too with this one!

Give mom a cameo from Kees. - FILE PHOTO

Green thumb

Forget flowers – plants are back in the spotlight with dozens of Instagram-based plant shops opening up in TT in the last year alone. Think of beauties like Monstera, philodendron and succulent varieties that are easy to care for and add not just a dimension of beauty to mom’s space at home but also serve to keep the air cleaner and healthier too. The rubber ficus is also becoming a trendy addition at home, and all look great in the wide varieties of plant pots, baskets and mid-century plant stands that are also on-trend but equally timeless.

Sweet tooth

Trinbagonians have a natural tendency towards sweeter tastes but step outside the comfort zone for a little and discover the widely available local chocolates being produced to global standard in darker varieties. They’re not just a healthier option but also support local farmers, entrepreneurs and artisans too. There are also local hot chocolates available in stores with beans grown right in TT that adults and kids alike would love. Or you can opt for home delivery of fruit baskets or edible fruit arrangements. While you want to sweeten up mom for the day, be sure to do it in a mindful and healthy way, so she’s around for many, many more too!

Local apps

There is a plethora of local shopping apps that include delivery now. You can find baked goods, customised brunch baskets for the day, ice creams of dairy and vegan varieties, custom jewellery, books, and plants too!

Memory lane

Dig up the old photo albums and start creating new digital ones using just your phone. There are a couple of apps like Photomyne that scans and can even colourise old photos. This is a great sentimental gift but also a valuable keepsake for history too!

A dumb cane (Dieffenbachia) plant in a handmade concrete pot available from Neo Bois on Facebook or Instagram. Photo by Joey Bartlett

Self care

You may find yourself a little last minute, or you may want to help mom pamper herself at home. That’s easy as pharmacies and supermarkets today stock a good variety of foot and hand masks, body scrubs and more. Put together a custom basket for mom to enjoy herself, but go one step further and take on some duties at home, not just for the day. Perhaps plan a meal once a week so that mom can make use of the stash you purchase for her. You can also buy a post-dated spa or massage package that mom can redeem when she's been vaccinated and spas re-open.

Learn and grow

Mom may have interests that go well beyond taking care of you. Sign her up for an online photography class. Or perhaps she is more interested in learning marketing or psychology, etc, for which you can find dozens of options. There are free classes available via sites like Coursera and many paid ones too.

A self care gift basket. Photo taken from

Healthier mom

There is no shortage of exercise equipment for sale that you can consider, but the reality is, most of these end up with short-lived life spans. Instead, consider finding a local coach to help mom get fit either in personalised, socially distanced one-on-one classes or look for an online coaching programme. Consider working out with mom or booking for two so that her friend or someone else can join her and inspire her too! You can also consider gentler approaches like online yoga classes, which cost as little as $175 locally. If all else fails, there are thousands of free courses and instructionals on YouTube. Make a playlist and share it with her!

Custom and cute

If you can find a company to monogram a set of towels (bath, not kitchen!) or a robe, then you have indeed reached superior child status! These add a touch of pride and elegance to the home. Or you can contact local companies to print a customised mug, glass set or mug set that will surely become an heirloom in time too.

Tech upgrade

If you can, consider upgrading mom’s device, whether a tablet or phone. The cost of these have come down drastically, and in a time when we’re connecting virtually more than ever, it’s a great way to spice up her life. She might even join you on TikTok one day.

It’s not all about the money

Not all gifts have to be purchased, of course. You can change mom’s life by simply taking some responsibilities off her plate. Whether it’s for the day itself or more (it should be for "more"), consider sharing duties at home or taking care of younger siblings. Plan a weekly event for the whole family, even if it’s to watch re-runs of the Fresh Prince of Bel-Air, and everyone can soak up a show from a simpler time!

If you’re pressed for ideas, think about mom as a person and go from there. Ask questions about her interests, and you will definitely find ideas than she would appreciate.


"New ways to show Mom you love her"

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