UNC misses the broader issue

Prime Minister Dr Rowley - ROGER JACOB
Prime Minister Dr Rowley - ROGER JACOB

THE EDITOR: The Opposition United National Congress (UNC) spin doctor fell flat in his attempt to cherry-pick issues raised in the US Embassy travel advisory to pelt mud at Prime Minister Keith Rowley and the ruling People’s National Movement (PNM).

In doing so he missed the broader issue of some unfair comments about TT contained in that advisory which should have forced a patriotic response. Fortunately, Dr Rowley and others were able to defend the country against official slander. The Prime Minister’s response was firm, but diplomatic.

Somebody should tell the UNC that it should not attempt to put a spin on all issues. There is a time when patriotism and plain common sense supersede all political pettiness.


former MP


"UNC misses the broader issue"

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