TT, we seem to be at war

Guns and ammunition seized by police. -
Guns and ammunition seized by police. -

THE EDITOR: The huge amount of guns and ammunition discovered by the police lead me to wonder if any shipments evaded the security authorities.

We may be just a small country but criminal activity is real here and at a sophisticated level. And it would seem we are now at war considering the type of guns that are entering the country.

If there is ever a time that we need to come together it is now. Our country is at a crossroads where we can either make or break. Therefore this is not the time to be playing games or trying to be politically correct. Unity is the key.

Too many lives are being lost to the gunmen. We have become a bloody nation where lives are meaningless to some. Hate, anger and bitterness roam our streets looking for another victim. To turn this around, all citizens must work with the police to bring safety and peace back to TT.

I hope and pray that the land of my birth will once again be a place where citizens can walk the streets in peace. Where our children can be free to play in the open fields without fear. Where the elderly can feel safe. And where peace, love, harmony and unity will reign once more.


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"TT, we seem to be at war"

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