Opposition must work for good of country

UNC PRO Kirk Meighoo -
UNC PRO Kirk Meighoo -

THE EDITOR: The querulous Opposition has once again decided to condescendingly conflate poverty, illiteracy, crime, violence and other social ills with Laventille/Beetham Gardens, Morvant, Port of Spain, and Cocorite in its discourse. It is highly disappointing to continually degrade people because of the geopolitical landscape.

Paradoxically, social ills do not discriminate as it has and are ubiquitous. Perhaps the Opposition remains consumed with rancour. It shows how restive it is. Its rhetoric is usually scurrilous as Kirk Meighoo, the PRO, displays truculence. More so its humility is guised by nefarious actions with unctuous protestations.

Thankfully, we form part of the electorate greater in number. Collectively we are intellectually sound in exercising our democratic right and should not be publically condemned repeatedly for such. The Opposition too succeeded in having candidates contest the polls in those areas for both local government and general elections.

Once again it has shown utter disregard to the citizenry by which it pontificates and places emphasis on a political and socio-economic divide. It is an utter embarrassment with such seemingly doleful platitudes to distort our diplomatic relations with the US. The US Embassy is an apolitical organisation.

Globally, crime disrupts the social cohesion of a society. There are mass shootings, racial profiling and other heinous crimes and acts of violence that would be a great cause for concern.

The public pleads with the Opposition to act in accordance with the position it holds and work together for the greater good of our country. For it has continuously rejected sound legislation to actively reduce crime and improve institutional innovations and effectiveness insofar that its subsequent vituperative outbursts are ironic.


Port of Spain


"Opposition must work for good of country"

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