Nikoli Edwards: This is no time for politics

Progressive Party leader Nikoli Edwards -
Progressive Party leader Nikoli Edwards -

PROGRESSIVE Party leader Nikoli Edwards is asking poliiticians not to use the new covid19 restrictions announced on Thursday by the Prime Minister as an opportunity to advance their political agendas.

In a post on his Facebook page, Edwards said the measures Dr Rowley announced in response to the recent increase in covid19 cases were not unexpected. Some people may consider them long overdue, and Edwards said they are necessary.

The measures included closing restaurants and bars, the public service providing only essential services, and limiting flights into and out of Tobago to three a day.

" I therefore support the Prime Minister's position and call on the citizens of Trinidad and Tobago to see the just cause for such measures," Edwards said. " Now is not the time to politicise these actions but rather to comply in order to protect life and liberty in the long run."

While he, like the rest of the population, will experience great discomfort from these measures, Edwards said, "I see the long-term benefit and only hope that the desired result is achieved."

As the measures take effect until May 23, Edwards urged people to reflect on the severity of the covid19 situation and let good sense prevail.

He also urged the Government and the public health sector to address whatever gaps exist in strategies to deal with covid19.

Edwards suggested the development of a volunteer programme to recruit and train members of the public to address any shortcomings in the system.

He also called on Opposition Leader Kamla Persad-Bissessar "to think carefully before she responds to the Prime Minister’s announcement."

Edwards said whatever response Persad-Bissessar gives is important because "she continues to enjoy great influence over a large segment of the population and her words can mean the difference between our country’s progress or regression."


"Nikoli Edwards: This is no time for politics"

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