Students' virtual 5k/10k from June 1-20

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BAFA Sports and Students United have collaborated to host their first virtual 5k and 10k event, which runs off from June 1- 20.

They have also included a 20k distance (and training schedule) for those who wish to go the extra distance.

Students United is a collaboration amongst many secondary schools – private, denominational and government. Its target group for this event is secondary school students, but the event is open to all.

The idea was initiated by staff members who found it increasingly difficult to keep students motivated with online learning. They observed that students were less engaged, less interested and their mental health at risk.

In an effort to promote a balanced lifestyle for students, this initiative is geared towards helping motivate teenagers to get outside and get active. The collaboration amongst many schools is to encourage participation amongst families, neighbours and friends, no matter what school they attend.

To assist participants, training schedules sponsored by top road running groups of Trinidad are being posted online ( Also available are google maps of flat and safe training locations.

On registering, participants will receive an e-mailed link to the training programmes and another to download a free Strava (running and cycling) app. Runners then cover their respective distances, screenshot the distance and upload it to the website. Once this is completed, they will receive a participation medal and other prizes.

Organiser and St Mary’s maths teacher Lara Littlepage said, “We’re getting good feedback from teenagers, and our main sponsors RBC, Gatorade, Catch (Associated Brands) and Rebecca Ann Foundation are really working hard.”

She said if, by June 1, some covid19 restrictions are lifted, the committee would set up at open-air venues for runners to come out and do their distances on the spot. As it is, public gatherings are limited to five people only.

For more information, those interested can e-mail or log on to Registration is $50.


"Students’ virtual 5k/10k from June 1-20"

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