Cops investigating sinister plot in massive gun find

Photo courtesy TTPS -
Photo courtesy TTPS -

Police are working on the theory that weapons found recently at a legal point of entry in Piarco were part of a larger plot, echoing sentiments of the Minister of National Security who said there was a more sinister plan at hand for the weapons.

DCP Mc Donald Jacob said certain inferences could be made when one looks at some of the items which accompanied the guns and ammunition.

Last Friday, police and customs officers intercepted a cache of weapons and peripheral items. The weapons included 15 high-powered weapons, 13 pistols, a revolver and a shotgun, as well as an assortment of ammunition, police sirens, blue police lights, a bulletproof vest and a variety of magazines.

Police Commissioner Gary Griffith said the peripheral items may have been intended to be used to bypass police officers.

“When you look at the type of weapons that came through, it was not weapons that a gang member would use to protect his turf.”


"Cops investigating sinister plot in massive gun find"

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