Three new, separate cases of Brazil covid19 variant found in Trinidad and Tobago


The P1 or Brazilian variant has been detected in three covid19-positive samples in Trinidad and Tobago.

The Health Ministry said this was confirmed on Thursday by the team at the University of the West Indies that does genetic sequencing on covid19-positive samples.

It is urging people to be extra-vigilant.

In a release, the ministry said of the three cases, two were nationals and one was a non-national. One sample came from someone under 18.

The cases have not been linked to the previously identified P1 variant case, or to each other, geographically or epidemiologically. The variants were detected in cases from the Caroni, Victoria and St. George West counties.

All contact tracing and isolation procedures are in progress and being managed by the relevant County Medical Officer of Health, with the aim of containing these variants of concern.

The ministry said current research suggests the main mode of transmission of the P1 Variant is by respiratory droplet infection, as for all other strains.

Hence adherence to the public health measures will help to reduce transmission. To this end, the public is again urged to maintain all public health measures.

The ministry also reminded the public that even people who have received the first dose of the covid19 vaccine should continue to follow all the public health guidelines to safeguard their health and that of their loved ones.


"Three new, separate cases of Brazil covid19 variant found in Trinidad and Tobago"

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