National Calypso Queen Challenge Edition postponed

Makeda Darius -
Makeda Darius -

THE National Women’s Action Committee (NWAC) has postponed its National Calypso Queen Challenge Edition.

The event was scheduled to take place on April 25 at Queen’s Hall, St Ann’s.

However, in a media release sent to Newsday on Tuesday it said, “In light of recent restrictions and the continuous rise in covid19 cases, the National Women’s Action Committee has decided to postpone the National Calypso Queen Challenge Edition.”

The organisers made the decision to postpone the event even before the Government announced additional restrictions on April 21 which put a halt on public gatherings for entertainment and concerts.

NWAC said the new date and format will be announced in coming days and all efforts were being made by the committee to “choose an offering that will safeguard all participants while potentially functioning in a heightened community spread situation.”

It added that it remained committed to supporting TT’s culture and female artistes.

“During this period NWAC will review all possibilities to provide a stellar show that will be safe for all involved,” the release said.

The event is usually held during the Carnival period. However, because there was no Carnival 2021 it did not take place. The organisers then decided to host the challenge edition which also had to be postponed.

Some 14 calypsonians were already lined up to participate in the challenge, they included Alana Sinnette-Khan, Allison "Warrior Empress" Bernard, Eunice Peters, Georgia McIntyre, Joanne Gibson, Kerine "Tiny" Williams-Figaro, Mahalia Duncan-Regis, Meguella Simon, Marva McKenzie, Nefta Kojo, Rosemarie "Young Rose" Mitchell, Shamika Denoon, Sonia Francis and Tameika Darius.

Makeda Darius won the National Calypso Queen competition the last time it was held in 2020.

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"National Calypso Queen Challenge Edition postponed"

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