Retaining wall eases Friendsfield homeowners' fears

Friendsfield resident Anthony Agard -
Friendsfield resident Anthony Agard -

The Division of Infrastructure Quarries and Environment (DIQE) has allayed the fears of 50 homeowners in Friendsfield, by finishing a 500-foot gabion basket retaining wall along Friendsfield River.

Homeowners had been expressing concern over the years about their properties, because of severe erosion caused by the powerful river.

Resident Anthony Agard told DIQE, "I was feeling uncomfortable each time the rain come down and the river overflow. But right now, after God, I feeling very comfortable."

DIQE senior technical co-ordinator Abdallah Chadband said one of the main benefits of the gabion baskets is their ability to reduce hydrostatic pressure, which is the main reason why most walls or banks fail.

"Therefore it is fitting for this approach to be used, as it is also durable and environmentally friendly," Chadband said.

He added that building the gabion-basket wall is labour-intensive, so it also created employment for the community. He said young people in the area were hired and learned a few skills.

Chadband warned Tobagonians building houses near watercourses to consult a geotechnical engineer.

DIQE said it remains committed to addressing critical issues such as this one, and using new and existing technology to secure infrastructure throughout Tobago.


"Retaining wall eases Friendsfield homeowners' fears"

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