Franklin Khan's death a great loss for whole country

Franklin Khan. File photo by Sureash Cholai
Franklin Khan. File photo by Sureash Cholai

THE EDITOR: In the untimely death of Franklin Khan, not only has the PNM suffered a great loss, but so too the whole country.

Like the late Kamaluddin Mohammed, Khan was a great asset to the party as well as to the country. This was because both he and Mohammed were more than mere politicians. Both could have risen, if the opportunity ever made it possible, to become statesmen who could have healed the dangerous wounds of our racially and tribally divided country.

I found Khan to have a heart that appeared to be uncorrupted with hatred, envy and malice for others, and a smile which came straight from that heart.

I once had a long and memorable meeting with him and found him to also possess both the wisdom and integrity with which to understand, and to recognise, mistakes which his party made in the past.

The party and the country have now lost, perhaps, the one man who had the personality, experience and qualities to succeed the present leader, and to attempt to save the country from the increasing dangers of the bitter racial and tribal rivalry.

May the one God have mercy on him.


San Fernando


"Franklin Khan's death a great loss for whole country"

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