Brother of murdered businessman grieves for fellow victim, 96

Anand Maharaj
Anand Maharaj

THOUGH grieving for his brother Anand Maharaj, who fell prey to a criminal on Saturday, Taran Maharaj expressed outrage and sadness that merciless killers had also taken the life of Utilda Joseph, 96.

“Oh God, that woman just had a few years again to live. They could have taken everything and let her live the remaining years of her life in peace,” Taran told the Newsday on Monday.

Similarly, he said, “They did not have to kill my brother. They could have taken everything and let him live.”

Miss Tilda, as she was called by the community of Quarry Village, Siparia, where she lived alone, was found dead by a friend, Dianne Paul, who went to check on her on Sunday morning.

Paul was shocked to find Miss Tilda on her bed with one of her hands tied tightly with a piece of fabric, while the other was behind her back. Bloodstains were visible around her mouth.

Taran said he was saddened by the state of crime.

“It’s just not getting better. We have to be safe. Don’t leave anything to chance, and pray to the Lord,” he advised the public.

A suspect is assisting police with what seemed to be the senseless murder of Maharaj, owner of Triple-A Auto Services Ltd at Charles Street, Gasparillo.

Taran said he left home around 1 pm on Saturday to deliver a car to a customer who lived nearby. He also had approximately $20,000 in cash to buy foreign exchange from the customer.

He said his brother had done business with this man before.

Hours later, when there was no sign of Maharaj or answer to his cell phone, the police were contacted and later made the gruesome discovery of Maharaj’s body, wrapped in plastic and duct tape stuffed under a couch.

Police believe he was strangled.

Taran said the autopsy on the body of his brother, a former police officer, has been delayed until Wednesday, pending a covid19 test and result.

“We are hoping it would be done by Wednesday and we could have the funeral on Thursday.”

The funeral will be held at the family’s Gasparillo home, followed by cremation at the Mosquito Creek according to Hindu rights.

Two days later the family will attend the wedding of Maharaj’s niece. Taran said it will go ahead as planned.

“It is too late to stop it now.”

Taran said there is no known motive for his brother’s murder at the moment.


"Brother of murdered businessman grieves for fellow victim, 96"

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