Duke: PM planning 'sinister' retrenchments on covid bed

Progressive Democratic Patriots leader Watson Duke. - Photo by Vidya Thurab
Progressive Democratic Patriots leader Watson Duke. - Photo by Vidya Thurab

PUBLIC Services Association President Watson Duke has accused the prime minister of "plotting sinister things on his covid bed," including mass retrenchments and the "manufacturing of a second (covid19) wave."

Duke, speaking live on Facebook on Friday, said he was given "critical information."

He said, "If true, expect the first (set of) retrenchments in the next three months.

"(Mass retrenchment will begin) before July 16. If it is not true, do not look at my lives (live broadcasts) again."

Duke said there are mass retrenchments impending at WASA and "several places" in the public service.

"Contract workers will be retrenched (and) it will catch most of us unawares."

Duke based the apparent conspiracy both on the critical information he said he received, and the fact that only last month, Rowley said the country "cannot fund another lockdown," during his Conversations with the Prime Minister programme.

"The World Bank told this government about two months ago that they will have to cut staff because they cannot maintain and sustain this kind of expenditure," Duke said. "So when we have the PM saying we cannot afford another lockdown – today we have another lockdown.

"While he is on his covid bed, I want him to understand that the genie is out the bottle."

Duke also boldly reminded viewers of their choice to receive the covid19 vaccine, or not to.

"How come we have so many covid cases here? They are manufacturing it.

"I respect health professionals," Duke said, "but let me say this to you, covid is a matter between, you, God and your family. Don't let nobody tell you to take no injection."

He wished Rowley a "speedy recovery," before suggesting he ought to have taken the vaccine before becoming infected, Rowley is recovering at the PM's official residence in Tobago after falling ill on April 5.

Duke criticised him for allowing "50,000 people" to go to Tobago over the long Easter weekend.

"Now the country in lock down and everyone must look to you as the messiah," Duke said.


"Duke: PM planning ‘sinister’ retrenchments on covid bed"

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