Skinny Fabulous in the centre of volcano pain

File photo: Skinny Fabulous
File photo: Skinny Fabulous

POPULAR Vincentian musician, singer and songwriter Gamal "Skinny Fabulous" Doyle on Saturday took to social media to speak about the eruption and his efforts to help his fellow countrymen.

"It was a long 14 hours for me yesterday (Friday), but for every shelter we visited, it became more and more apparent how important our humanitarian efforts will be for the families that have been displaced by this disaster over the next few days or weeks," Doyle said in a post on Instagram.

"The atmosphere and spirits of the occupants vary depending on the shelter you are in; some faces are bright and optimistic while others are drenched with worry and trauma."

The singer said seeing the volcano itself erupt was one thing, but seeing and knowing the reality of what it means for people’s lives and health is where the real pain is.

He commended the communities, the kind neighbours, the considerate drivers, the impromptu caterers, the business places and companies that stepped up.

"More days of help will be required, however. If you are interested in sending food or supplies to SVG you can visit @oxygen_mas page. We are doing a drive."

On Saturday afternoon, local artiste Bunji Garlin (Ian Alvarez) shared a photo of the eruption to his official Facebook account.

The accompanying post said, " Such force. It’s almost like a face coming out to show its true form. Can’t imagine what St Vincent is feeling right now!!!! (sic)"

Doyle collaborated with Garlin and soca star Machel Montano for the hit Famalay, which earned them the road march title in 2019.

People willing to assist can contact any of the 14 corporations.


"Skinny Fabulous in the centre of volcano pain"

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