SORT officers still detained for probe into deaths of Bharatt murder suspects

Andrew Morris -
Andrew Morris -

POLICE say they will meet with the office of the Director of Public Prosecutions soon as they have completed interviews with four Special Operations Response Team (SORT) members in relation to the deaths of two murder suspects.

Investigators told Newsday that the officers were re-interviewed between Thursday and Friday and other officers are expected to be spoken to.

Up to 6 pm on Friday, the officers were still detained.

Rumours began spreading late Friday evening that instructions were given to charge the four but investigators dismissed that saying they will speak with the Director of Public Prosecutions office next week for advice on the way forward. Investigators also dismissed rumours that head of SORT Insp Mark Hernandez, who is awaiting Parliament’s nod for one of two remaining deputy commissioner of police (DCP) post, is refusing to co-operate.

They said Hernandez was not listed to be interviewed, which may change depending on the advice they receive or new information.

The four officers were detained after other officers and members of the Defence Force voluntarily submitted themselves to be questioned on Wednesday.

The two deceased suspects, Andrew Morris and Joel Balcon died days after they were held by SORT for questioning on January 30 in the then kidnapping of 23-year-old court clerk Andrea Bharatt. Bharatt’s decomposing body was found on February 4 down a precipice at the Heights of Guanapo.

Joel Balcon -

Negus George of Malabar is charged with murdering Bharatt.

Autopsies showed the men died of blunt force trauma. Police said the men had to be subdued, claiming they assaulted officers during their arrests.

The investigations are being led by ASP Williams supervised by Ag DCP Mc Donald Jacob and included officers of the Homicide Bureau, Research and Analytical Unit and the Professional Standards Bureau.

Jacob’s nomination for DCP was approved by Parliament on Friday.


"SORT officers still detained for probe into deaths of Bharatt murder suspects"

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