In poor taste to politicise PM’s illness

Prime Minister Dr Rowley. Photo by Vidya Thurab
Prime Minister Dr Rowley. Photo by Vidya Thurab

THE EDITOR: It is in such poor taste that the Opposition choose to politicise the Prime Minister contracting the covid19 virus. The Opposition, like a Venus flytrap in an insect swarm, fed on vicious pettiness.

The outcome was an attack on the Prime Minister and his administration for what the Opposition perceived as failings in managing the pandemic.

Dr Rowley does not have to be a friend nor does one have to share a cup of tea with him to extend well-wishes. He is a fellow human being and a proud son of the soul.

The Opposition Leader should know that extending a humane and genuine wish for the Prime Minister would not have made her weaker. On the contrary, she would have displayed not only decency but political maturity and strength. Never mind the default action is the blaming of her opponent for all and sundry. Rise above that.

While the Opposition Leader (at the time of written) has not herself commented, the statements from the MP for Couva South conveyed a collective UNC sentiment.

It is indeed sad and laughable at the same time that in their so-called attempts to champion our rights, the Opposition seems to have lost its way. While some of us may not have expected better from the Opposition Leader and her team, it would have been welcomed to be proven wrong.


Diego Martin


"In poor taste to politicise PM’s illness"

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