The Corner of Courage: The panty and bra that fit

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Kanisa George -


Lacy, Brazilian, tattered, and torn are famous words used to describe women's underwear. In varying colours, shapes and styles, female undergarments epitomise femininity and act as a barrier between our lady parts and the outside world.

To many, these multi-coloured fabric pieces represent a form of self-expression and is an extension of who we are as women. For some men, the idea of peeling away the outer layers of clothing to reveal a beguiling state of affairs is a thought that renders them helpless.

As cute and sexy as undergarments might be, I think I speak for quite a few women when I say that there is a level of bondage that comes with wearing underwear. Especially when trying to find what fits your body type.

Underwire sticking out and panties that just won't stay put. Not to mention endlessly searching for the perfect mix of coverage and hold for those dark days during our menstrual cycle. These are just a few of the issues women battle on the underwear front. In fact, shopping for underwear can sometimes be a mixture of thrill, torture, embarrassment and confusion.

Undergarments have been around for a very long time. From as early as prehistoric days, cavemen used leather and other material to create a loincloth to protect their private parts. And before women had the privilege of enduring a less traumatic form of torture, we had to undergo the curse of the corset for years.

Whatever our feelings may be towards underwear, its primary purpose is to protect us. Underwear acts as a durable under-layer of modesty or warmth, and for women, it protects our vagina's health. We all have to deal with vagina sweat and discharge, and given our hot and sometimes dry climate, our vaginas can become very moist. To assist, panties help keep vaginas cool and dry and prevent vaginal chafing and moisture build-up.

When it comes to bras, many of us are happy with the extra shape it provides. Flashing cleavage has become a significant part of the 21st-century female dress code, and the perfect bra gives the illusion that we are winning the battle against gravity.

But truth be told, most if not all women hate wearing a brassiere, which has a lot to do with how restrictive it feels. Scientifically the main purpose of a bra is to evenly distribute the weight of the bust onto the shoulders and waist area to feel comfortable. Bras reduce the breast's unwanted movement and allow women to run or even walk without feelings of discomfort. For women with larger bust who often face discomfort doing basic tasks, wearing a proper bra can help them keep the unnecessary movement in control. The cons of wearing bras have been widely canvassed for years and one study, in particular, presents findings that puts an interesting spin on the use of bras.

In 2013, after a 15-year study on how wearing a bra affected women, French Prof Jean-Denis Rouillon found that girls who did not wear bras had perkier breasts. According to his research, medically and physiologically, breasts gain no benefit from being denied gravity; in fact, they get saggier with a bra."

Supporting these findings, Dr Stafford Broumand believes that not wearing a bra at an early age can lead to enhanced production of collagen and elasticity, which improves lift in a developing breast.

When it comes to underwear, comfort is essential and as pretty and sexy as a G string or fringed lace bra might make you feel they aren't suited for everyday use. It is recommended that women have a diverse assortment of underwear that suits every circumstance and outfit. Boy shorts, hipsters and seamless panties are a girl's best friend. They are compatible with almost every outfit, incredibly comfortable and can be used during your menstrual cycle.

Any woman would benefit from owning a few bras but in particular an everyday bra, black bra, sports bra and a strapless bra. Ensure the coverage is right and be bold with colour selection to give you a little something that screams sex appeal.

The perfect underwear is only made perfect by knowing your proper fit and the materials used. Before embarking on a new purchase, take the time to learn your bra and panty size. A true fit adds another layer of comfort that should not be compromised. Also, ensure the material is breathable and doesn’t easily cause infections.

Unmentionables are an important part of our daily lives, and irrespective of how we feel about them, they aim to protect us. Finding ways to make undergarment fun and sexy yet comfortable could transform your mood, make you feel comfortable in your own body and grant just a bit of freedom from restraint.


"The Corner of Courage: The panty and bra that fit"

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